RV service

Looking to customise or fix up your beloved camper?
Balcamp provides comprehensive RV service. Years of experience, qualified team, and expert tools – all of it equals professional RV repairs of any kind.

We provide comprehensive camper maintenance, including:

  • electrical wiring,
  • mechanical components,
  • woodworking,
  • upholstery,
  • hydraulics.

We do enjoy a challenge. We can provide even the most complex post-accident repairs or modify the existing design to suit your needs.

Feel free to take advantage of our service portfolio, including:

  • camper module renovations and repairs;
  • refrigerator/stove/toilet repair or replacement;
  • installation and repairs of additional equipment: alarm systems, GPS solutions, satellite dishes, and multimedia systems;
  • major overhauls or post-accident repairs;
  • mechanical, electric, and car body repairs;
  • installation and repairs of interior items.

We can also do other custom RV and trailer repairs on request. Feel free to contact us!