Mercedes Balcamp SM730


It is the first Polish RV with monocoque design (a single shell without any joints) and an AL-KO aluminium frame.

Interior features 4.5 cm thick sandwich panels. Walls and doors (the entrance and the compartment doors) use the same material, which makes their outlines barely visible – they appear as a monolith from the outside.

The frame with a wider rear axle base makes the vehicle more stable and easier to drive.

Technical specifications

Total length 723 cm
Internal height 210 cm
Total height of the vehicle 239 cm
Width 220 cm
Vehicle weight 2875 kg
Gross vehicle weight 3500 kg
Internal insulation 20 mm
Roof insulation 20 mm
Maximum number of seats 4
Number of beds 4
Dimensions of the main bed 212 cm x 120 cm
Dimensions of an additional bed 212 cm x 140 cm
Toilet THETTFORD C 229-S
Refrigerator THETFORD T1090
Stove 2 burners with a glass cover
Sink 1 compartment with a glass cover
Heating Truma Combi 4 Cp Plus
Clean water tank capacity 110 l
Grey water tank capacity 86 l
Battery 95 Ah
Rectifier 12V / 16A
Sockets: 230V / 12V 2 / 1